Social Steve

Life gives you things that you don’t expect and if you cross the barriers with grit and confidence, what follows can be life changing.

Steve Law, a volunteer at the Mental Health Information Station at Walpole Hall which provides information about mental health services across Edinburgh, has been through the ups and downs of life and describes how his volunteering experience has benefited him. He says the experience has been “UPLIFTING”

Having overcome mental health issues himself, Steve was keen to reach out and help people with mental health issues through his volunteering.

But things have not been a smooth sail for Steve. When asked what took him to volunteering, he says losing his job in the services and finding it hard to get another one, made him take up volunteering.

His response to why he chose to volunteer for the Mental Health Information Station is really encouraging.

“Well because of the ups and downs with my mental health over the past years, I thought it might be a good way of giving my own insight. It’s because I had mental health issues and I felt I could connect. I can give some information and can give some kind of experience.”

Having been a social person, Steve feels the benefits of volunteering are substantial.

“It’s good for me but socially as well to meet people. It gets me out of my flat. It gives me focus and makes me social as well. “

Steve pushed himself out of his comfort zone and into a new challenge. When talking about the major benefits of volunteering he says “Being a part of the team which is quite crucial in meeting new people and new challenges. I was volunteering with veterans for quite a few years since it started and I wanted a new challenge. So this is a new challenge for me. Out of my comfort zone.”

Steve happily recommends volunteering because the experience helps him more positive, takes away the boredom and helps being more social.

Steve can be called an ambassador for volunteering. It enables him to reach out to individuals who may need the support he is now providing.