Volunteer Quotes – April 2019

I think the bottom line is that that connection is so important, if you don’t have that connection then it can all go wrong. You wouldn’t have the success story, you wouldn’t have the stability or continuity if someone else tried coming in. it just doesn’t work.
Volunteering is an opportunity to create something which is really special.
You try and match their ability to whatever their goal is
We all need activities, we want to do something that interest us, something that motivates us, which gets us out of bed in the morning. Most of us like to feel that we are useful.
Volunteering can be the way to meet different people, different circles to get out of a rut.
Not only does it build up clients confidence it also helps them grow in stamina and gives them a sense of purpose


If you are doing the same every day, volunteering can shake that up a bit. Volunteering can push you in a different direction when you are not expecting it.
Sometimes there can be a lack of self confidence in people, if they don’t see what they have to offer and that needs quite a bit of work for people to work on themselves.