Volunteer Quotes – May 2019

Sometimes it is trying to help people to see, trying things out and see that it is not for you is fine, because we all do it and it’s not a big failure
An important element of support is shadowing people “it can make all the difference as to whether a placement is successful”
It helps them look at their role in society and the values they might have and offers them the chance to give a little back.
It’s a matter of readdressing the power balance and giving power back to the person.
Physically you can see the difference – see them looking happier, being more conversational, definitely more confident. They start to look you in the eye.
People often say they want to give something back to society and voluntary work is a good first step.
Volunteering has health benefits, can boost self-esteem and provide purpose and a social outlet.
I often go with a person to visit the placement so that we can suss it out and see if it’s suitable. I have gone along with people to give them a bit of support