Find out how Lee started volunteering to help him get a job?

Helping the aged and being around them selflessly doesn’t come naturally to all. Lee Whitelaw is one to look up to as an exception. Volunteering with Portobello Older People’s Project, helping older people socialise and dropping them back at their homes are some things which Lee rejoices doing.

Lee started with an idea of doing something that seemed worthwhile while he was finding out a way to find work again. He is now working but still finds time for his volunteering.

Looking after his grandmother and having enjoyed every bit of it, it comes as no surprise that Lee chose to volunteer for Portobello Older People’s Project.

When asked what difference had volunteering made, Lee says “You’re giving something back without actually expecting anything you are not working for money or anything like that, so there is no pressure no boss telling you this that and trying to make money and it is just satisfying even if you are doing it for a few hours you see how much help it is.”

Lee feels volunteering he does has made a difference to the life of others as he has heard testimonials of daughters telling how valuable it meant for their parents and how they looked forward for that four hours every week.

Lee also feels when one is young and active, they have lots of things to do but for an older person it means quite a lot to be part of a group.

On the best bits about volunteering in addition to the experience being rewarding is it making a difference to others without the pressure of a paid work.

Lee recommends volunteering to others because there are hundreds of things to choose from and one can do as per their choice.