Social Steve

Steve Law left the armed forces because of his mental health. He is now able to help provide people with the kind of information he would have benefitted from at the time.

The Concept of Volunteering

Volunteers were asked to share the lows and highs of their volunteering experience in a focus group and these graphics created by Linda Keys from the Edinburgh Development Group are a summary of what they discussed.

Volunteering and Active Citizenship

Volunteers were asked to consider what would be important to them in the new strategy for volunteering and these are some of the thing they came up with!

Ashleigh’s Story

I live in Edinburgh and I love being involved in organisations which focus on promoting disability inclusion and equality in all areas of life.

Marion Remade

For Marion West, a volunteer at Health in Mind’s Information Resource Centre and Rediscover Befriending Service, volunteering has been a “life-changing” experience. “I had been out of work for quite a long time with mental ill health and my occupational therapist (OT) suggested that volunteering would be a great way to re-integrate me in to society.

Volunteer Quotes

“Volunteering has opened up a whole new way of life for me. It has given me a stronger sense of identity, of belonging in my community, a sense of worth and a sense of pride in what I have accomplished.”

Returning Joy

The days I worked for nothing
but the joy
of having made a difference
were the happiest of my life.

Volunteering Changes Lives

Volunteering Changes Lives is a film created to celebrate 30 years’ work by Volunteer Edinburgh’s Health and Wellbeing Team. It is an inspiring and powerful account of the life-changing impact of volunteering.